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Participate Learning International Fellowship Program at The Center for Pioneer Life

Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, some of these programs are temporarily postponed 

Field Trips for Yancey County Schools

By participating in hands-on experiential programs designed to shed light on the pioneers’ struggles and achievements to survive and thrive, Yancey County students will get a sense of early American and Appalachian history. Professional development opportunities are also being developed for teachers.

Participate Learning Fellowship Seminars


The Center's Fellowship Program was created to provide an authentic, meaningful, professional development experience for a select group of visiting international exchange teachers. Learners experience the pioneer lifestyle first-hand and engage in cultural activities that deepen their understanding of American culture through collective, experiential learning.

History Lectures and
Story Telling 

The Center for Pioneer Life showcases the research of Dr. Lloyd Bailey through a series of history lectures. Story collecting and storytelling is the theme for our partnership with the Yancey County public school in 2022.

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